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Being a real woman is an art mostly pleasant... There are no unbeautiful women; there are women who don't know that they're beautiful. Reveal your beauty at NORMA KHOURY beauty shop.

A very warm welcome to THE website of BEAUTY, www.normakhoury.com where everything women need to know about beauty and makeup; where makeup is treated as an art form, an expression of divine beauty, settling for nothing but the very best.

At NORMA KHOURY’S beauty shop, the WOMAN finds mixture of elegance, eastern looks and western flourishes; the trademark of ability to bring out the radiant beauty in each and every one of the workshop’s guests that are treated as owners.

You are most welcomed to take a journey thru the website, explore its divers sections especially “My Portfolio” page and discover the world of natural makeup at NORMA KHOURY’S beauty shop.

At the end, I, Norma, encourage you to send me your comments that will sure be highly appreciated. For further information or contacts, move to the “Contact Me” page to note the address and phone number.